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Dynamic Dividers

The starting point for this project was the desire to create a certain divide and border between me and my surroundings.

I designed dedicated space dividers for boarding gates in terminal 3, in Ben-Gurion International Airport. It is a large and densely populated public area, with no smaller sub-spaces that allow privacy and a moment of solitude. The divider allows each individual to set their own boundaries, levels of exposure and privacy or alternatively create windows to peak through or interact with others. It fully controls my proximity to the person beside me, from complete isolation to a joint game of sorts.

NATBAG 2650 500 samples.553.jpg
unitsdf 178 samples 1930 n.558.jpg
סטודיו ד- שלי בונה (6).jpg
unitsdf 178 samples 1920 n.560.jpg
NATBAG all dividers together 380 samples with denoise.553.jpg
NATBAG all dividers together 380 samples with denoise 2650 1440.558.jpg

The project was inspired by the contact between the sky and the earth, as well as natural phenomena such as sunrise, sundown, wind, haze, which strongly affect the appearance of the dividers in each specific setting. "GVOOL" examines the relationships between private vs. public, personal vs. collective, local vs. global.

Modeled using solidworks, rendered using Keyshot and Photoshop.

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ים שמיים.png
NATBAG with denoise.555 פיםאםדיםפ.jpg
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