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מטוטלת שלי בונה (1).jpeg


Pendulum With a Stick

In this project we received a stick with which we were asked to create something. I created a foldable pendulum that draws in the sand.

Pendulum in Hebrew is called “METUTELET”.
The pendulum I designed is foldable, light and easy to carry around, so that it can be comfortably taken on a trip to the beach and unfolded on arrival. Once the stick is moved a movement with varying rhythms begins; this movement creates drawings in the sand.

Materials: Pine tree, Aluminum, Rope and Sand. 

course: Studio A, first year, fall semester

מטוטלת שלי בונה (2).JPG
מטוטלת שלי בונה (3).JPG
מטוטלת שלי בונה (2).jpeg
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