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Cholent pouch

3 Kilo Cholent Market Carrier Bag 

3 KG challenge: the challenge was to create a carrier bag which can hold 3KG of a certain material. 

I have created a carrier bag made of standard market plastic bags (the same type you get when you buy groceries in the market).

The carrier bag can hold 3KG of Cholent groceries which can be bought in the market. 

Cholent or Hamin is a traditional Jewish stew.

The quantity and weight of groceries (3KG), is the amount needed to prepare a Cholent meal for a family Sabbath dinner. The bag carrier is like a fanny pack, with two compartments; each compartment can hold 1.5KG of groceries.


Materials: Plastic bags, Duct Tape, Zippers and Valcro.


course: Studio A, first year, fall semester

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