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COVID-19 Protection for the Homeless

ProTent- (Protecting Tent) protection from a spreading infectious disease for homeless people while staying in a temporary site.
During COVID 19 many found themselves without a home due to financial distress.
The authorities set a target to evacuate those people from the streets and provide them with a temporary shelter that will also keep them safe from getting infected from the virus.

A shelter that provides proper hygienic conditions and regular protection.
Some local authorities rented apartments and hotel rooms for people who have lost their homes due to the pandemic, out of thought that this is a temporary solution until they can get back on their feet and provide their own rent.

On the other hand, this solution for the previously homeless individuals is more complicated. The existing solutions such as providing existing shelters or building temporary sites in gyms and schools, cannot provide the terms of keeping a safe distance from each other (beds are too close, it is not possible to keep minimum physical distance). These conditions endanger the homeless and the crew that takes care of them.

Out of this need I designed the "ProTent" (protecting tent), which provides protection to the upper body from a spreading infectious disease such as COVID19 while creating a private personal space in the public domain. ProTent creates a barrier between one person and another in crowded sleeping areas and allows for minimum contact.
ProTent is built from an elastic aluminum construction wrapped with woven polyester fiber. Allows easy pop-up opening with no need for insructions with minimal effort (assuming it will be provided to anyone who asks for it).
It folds easily at the end of the use and can be carried in a small specially dedicated case.
Its lower surface can be used as a matress. The bottom of the matress is made from rigid material that is water resistant, while the top side is soft, comfortable and fitting for sleep. The top polyester sheet is intended to prevent passing of respiratory droplets carrying COVID19 or other infectious disease. It can be put on a field bed, matress or on the floor. 

2020-11-15 13_24_38-Shelly Boneh ProTent
2020-11-15 00_27_26-Shelly Boneh ProTent
2020-11-15 00_29_18-Shelly Boneh ProTent

Spatial arrangement

By thinking about "the day after" I created a solution that allows connection with an additional part (sealed or ventilated), this way it can be used as a whole closed tent, for future use in the public space.

Modeled using Solidworks, rendered using Keyshot and Photoshop.

2020-11-15 00_29_09-Shelly Boneh ProTent
2020-11-13 13_02_17-Shelly Boneh ProTent
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