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Heating Device

'TOTEM' stool heating system pleasant to touch for personal use or as central heating for a group.

The project started out of my will to enable the closeness feeling to the heating device, as is with our desire to be close to live fire, to be able to reach out to the bonfire and get warm.
The stools can be piled together into one main heating device in the center of a room; alternatively, while hosting they can be seperated into individual heating stools.
Each individual stool can be set as a heating seat or as a side table with various functions, such as: heat distributor arround the area, heating trey and even as a charging power source for electric devices. The stool seat can be turned upside-down and be used as a regular non-heated trey for a cup of tea, a book, etc.
Out of thought of economic sustainable heating electricity use, the heating method is executed by an electricity fiber sheet interwoven in a changing density in the plastic, which allows a local economical heating as opposed to alternative heating sources that heat the entire space. 
The stools can be charged individually or one on top of the other when stacked in a pile.

Modeled using solidworks, rendered using Keyshot and Photoshop.

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Size and Proportions

Section and Technology

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Artboard 2.png


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2020-11-13 17_42_26-‫סטודיו ב' חימום ++
2020-11-13 17_42_42-‫סטודיו ב' חימום ++
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