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Bowling Set for Kids

'BABUSHKA' is a wooden toy shaped like a bowling pin that contains an entire bowling set.


The large bowling pin is made solely from maple wood that I created by using a lathe. It serves as a container for the set and reflects the original Russian Babushka dolls. 

The small bowling set is made of laser-cut Perspex. The set contains 20 flat pieces that form 10 3D bowling pins. Through thought of creating a multi-leveled game for children: 1. Unfolding the container and its parts. 2. Putting together the bowling pins. 3. Playing bowling. 

Materials: Maple Wood and Perspex. 

course: Wood-Processing Technologies, second year, fall semester

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WhatsApp Image 2020-11-15 at
Artboard 1.png
2020-11-15 07_53_32-new wood cut [Recove

Bowling pin laser cut

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