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"SEATEX" at 1M2 collective

My project SEATEX was presented at Van Abbemuseum during Dutch Design Week 22 as part of 1M2 Collective exhabition. 

'SEATEX' - presents a new vision for underwater farming: Underwater Organic Biodegradable Units for Growing Seagrass and Creating an Instant Marine Habitat while doubling as an eye-opening tourist attraction that raises awareness. My goal - finding new solutions that can be applied today, through introducing design thinking into the worlds of biology, science and research.

1M2 collctive exhabition consept is- an interdisciplinary design platform that strives for a more diverse and inclusive design industry.


The exhabition was presented at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, Netherland, betweeen 22-30/10/2022.

More information about the exhabition:

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