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A bottle recycling platform


In large cities like Tel-Aviv, the streets are overflowing with garbage and bottles. People who make a living off recycling deposit compensation resort to picking through garbage bins. There are almost no recycling bins around the city and absurdly the existing ones are currently being removed (following the new recycling deposit law 2022). The goal of this project is to intervene in an existing system, in this case – bottle recycling deposits, from inside and outside the system.


My first intervention – from outside of the system – I created a first-of-its-kind subversive recycling bin built on top of an existing garbage bin in Rabin Square. I picked this location after recognizing it as one of the main hang-out spots of young crowds in the city. My aim is to encourage people to use the bin to recycle and immediately receive financial feedback. The recycling bins are operated by people who can earn a fair living; they deposit the content of the bin and receive financial compensation.


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My second intervention – from within the system – I created a bottle recycling platform for the municipality of Tel-Aviv. The platform includes bins, with an underground compression mechanism, spread around the city and accompanied by a mobile app that guides, informs and rewards people through financial compensation which they can use or donate in several ways.

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