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Hydroponic Farm for Urban Homes

'GrowEat' - a home system for growing vegetables and mushrooms while also reducing plastic waste and preventing food waste. A computerized vertical hydroponic system that enables individuals to grow fresh, seasonal, delicious food at home. The system provides a satisfactory solution for sustainable farming. It requires minimal space, effort and maintenance while preserving the farming experience, and farm-to-table benefits.

The goal was to provide a sustainable solution to one of the world’s most pressing issues, overpopulation, which causes an endless rise in demand for food while farmlands are dwindling. The system is economical in space and water, it eliminates packaging waste, chemicals, methane and carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The system is extremely efficient since the plants receive constant nutrition and exact quantities of light.


Modeled using solidworks, keyshop, photoshop, Illustraitor.


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