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The Toy of the Future

In this project, I was asked to design the toy of the year 2050.

How would a futuristic toy look?

In a world where there is an overflow of material possessions, where an iPhone is the natural extension of a toddler’s hand, I was certain that, in the future, toys will be virtual and digital, and I felt strongly driven to give it some added value.

I designed the PS50 PlayStation console of the future. It combines several technologies, some of which are currently marketed, and some are in advanced development stages of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

מבטים שונים.jpg

The PS50 is an interactive gaming platform that consists of a lens and a smart wearable glove. The glove projects visual effects on the body and arm of the child, as well as on their surroundings – walls and objects in the home – while also producing sound. Through the lens, the child experiences further visual effects to create a holistic gaming experience. This experience is similar to gaming in front of a screen except that this platform allows and even encourages the child to move around instead of staying stagnant in front of a screen.

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פוסטר משנה שלי בונה הגשת סוף (5).jpg
פוסטר משנה שלי בונה הגשת סוף (4).jpg
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פוסטר מירו הגשה- תהליך פרויקט, שלי בונה.jpg
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